Amishi P. Jha, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Miami

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Attention and working memory are two important cognitive systems that interact with each other to allow for fluid behavior. Whereas attention allows for selection between relevant and irrelevant information, working memory allows relevant information to be maintained and manipulated over time. In our lab we use behavioral methods, event-related potentials, and functional MRI to investigate attention and working memory. We are particularly interested in understanding how these systems work together to select and de-select information. In addition, we investigate how core selection processes may be modified with training (including mindfulness-based training techniques) and mental mode manipulations (including mood, self-focus, and creativity).

Our lab is within the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami, in Florida.


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Happy New Year!

2 New papers from the Jha lab and collaborators!
Link to Taming a wandering attention
Link to Fractionating the role of executive control

Upcoming Keynote Announced Oct 2014!

Amishi will be presenting at the International Symposium for Contemplative Studies.
Learn more here.

The Jha Lab is Hiring!

FMRI post-doc position available, learn more here.

Fall 2013

Available now!
Science of Mindfulness
Annals of NY Academy of Sciences
Steve Paulson, Richard Davidson, Amishi Jha, Jon Kabat-Zinn

New study by Jha Lab and NYU Collaborators!
Mindfulness Training in Incarcerated Youth.
Read more here.

Amishi joins board for the
Synapse Project which aims to empower girls to pursue careers in neuroscience.
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Jha lab’s work featured in the Miami Herald, read here.

We have moved to our new home in UM’s Neuroscience building (learn more here).

Summer 2013

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