Amishi P. Jha, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Miami

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Welcome to the Mindfulness Based Attention and Training (MBAT) Firefighter Project Homepage. This page provides an overview of the University of Miami-led study by Dr. Amishi P. Jha which began in the summer of 2015. Our lab is collaborating with Scott Rogers, Director of Programs and Training for the UMindfulness Initiative and of UM Law’s Mindfulness in Law Program, who will be delivering an innovative mindfulness and relaxation training program to Miami-Dade Firefighters. The Jha-Fire Rescue collaboration is one phase of a larger research project funded by the Department of Defense, which aims to determine if mindfulness and relaxation training might help protect individuals in high-stress, high-demand careers; an area of interest that is drawing national attention. The MBAT course brings together fundamental mindfulness concepts and exercises derived from traditional mindfulness trainings and the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, weaving them together with content relevant for firefighters.

Left: Dr. Jha with Miami-Dade County Fire Chief Dave Downey.
Right: Participants in the MBAT Firefighter Project during testing.

University of Miami Research and Training Team

Dr. Amishi Jha Dr. Amishi Jha – Principal Investigator
Dr. Jha oversees all aspects of this project. She is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Psychology at the University of Miami. Her research program investigates the brain-bases of attention, working memory, and mindfulness. She has received several grants from the Dept. of Defense to study these topics in civilian and military populations. Read more about Dr. Jha here.
Scott Rogers Scott Rogers, J.D. – Co-Investigator | Program Developer
Scott Rogers is a Lecturer in Law and Founder and Director of the Mindfulness and Law Program at the University of Miami School of Law. He is also the Director of Training for the UMindfulness Initiative and serves as the training instructor for the MBAT-Firefighter project.
Gary Gonzalez Gary Gonzalez – Project Collaborator
Gary Gonzalez is a retired Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Battalion Chief who was instrumental in bringing the MBAT Firefighter project to MDFR. He serves as collaborator, liaison, and co-facilitator for the project.
Kiara Timpano Dr. Kiara Timpano – Clinical Collaborator
Kiara Timpano is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Miami. Timpano serves an advisory role in the MBAT-Firefighter project, supervising screening and ensuring participant well-being.
Alex Morrison Dr. Alex Morrison – Research Scientist
Dr. Morrison is a research scientist who received her doctoral degree from Temple University in 2012. Her research interests include the interaction of cognition with stress and aging and the ability to enhance or protect cognition though mindfulness training and computerized working memory training.
Ekaterina Denkova Dr. Ekaterina Denkova – Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr. Denkova is a post-doc with research interests in the neural mechanisms of autobiographical memory and self-generated thoughts, and how these mechanisms are influenced by emotion and training techniques that rely on focused attention.
Laura MacKinnon Laura MacKinnon – Research Associate
Ms. MacKinnon is a post-baccalaureate research associate who completed her B.S. in Bioengineering from the University of Pennsylvania in 2014.
Nicolas Ramos Nicolas Ramos – Research Associate
Mr. Ramos is a post-baccalaureate research associate who completed his B.A. in Psychology from Cornell University in 2015.
Emily Brudner Emily Brudner – Research Associate
Ms. Brudner is a post-baccalaureate research associate who completed her B.S. in Psychology from the University of Miami in 2015.
Ariel Paz Ariel Paz – Undergraduate Research Assistant
Ms. Paz is an undergraduate student at the University of Miami majoring in Neuroscience.
Joseph Dunn Joseph Dunn – Undergraduate Research Assistant
Mr. Dunn is an undergraduate student at the University of Miami majoring in Neuroscience.