Amishi P. Jha, PhD
Associate Professor of Psychology
University of Miami

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Summer 2011—Amishi Gives Joint Lecture with Goldie Hawn

Amishi Jha, Goldie Hawn, Lexie Potamkin, Glenda Greenwald

Goldie Hawn and Amishi with Lexie Potamkin (left) and Glenda Greenwald (right). Photo credit: Cathy Miller.

The Hawn Foundation's MindUp program and the Jha Lab’s research on the cognitive neuroscience of mindfulness were the topics of a joint lecture by Goldie Hawn and Amishi at a private event in Aspen, Colorado. The event was generously supported and organized by Glenda Greenwald, Lexie Potamkin, and Soledad Hurst. Amishi will be returning to Aspen in September to give a lecture entitled ‘Improving Attention and Working Memory with Mindfulness Training’ at the Aspen Brain Forum.